Is Doumailhac the right holiday location for you?

We really love having happy guests, so please make sure that we are what you want!

Holidaying with your family can be challenging, but super-rewarding and memory making for the whole group. Families are made up of assorted characters with different needs and abilities, but if you are able to get through Christmas in a confined space, a family holiday will work with the right planning.

 Location and planning are key. If your family are all about sunbathing on the beach, shopping and night clubs then spending time in rural France is a bad idea!

However if you have a broad spectrum of interests and differing age groups, maybe three generations, then we may work for you.

Over the years we had holidayed in self catering accommodation where despite the sleeping accommodation, there was not enough room to sit down together, ridiculous!

At Doumailhac, we have social space in the sitting room, kitchen diner and gardens for everyone to spend time together. The kitchen has a large central island, so people can prepare food, cook and chat together. Those who are constantly attached to their phones can continue, but may be weaned off for a game of rounders, ping pong, a walk or a cycle ride and may be surprised that they reduce screen time and survive.

There will be arguments among siblings, children will grizzle, some will do more clearing up than others, etc, but the opportunity to talk to each other, play in the pool with rarely seen nephews and nieces, laugh at your childhood memories and make new ones for your children is invaluable.

The advantage for a three (or more) generational family, is that the oldies can perhaps use the accommodation in the adjacent gite, so that mornings are more serene and gives a private space for an afternoon kip away from the rest of the family if needed.

Please be aware that this property does not have owners or managers on site, so if you have an ant invasion, for example, you will need to deal with it yourself. The Managers are a ten minute drive away, so please choose somewhere else to holiday if you prefer a supportive environment.